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Tuition and Fees


Winter Semester Registration: 2/9/07 -- 2/23/07
PCCLC Registration Policy
Before 2/16/07 waive registration fee $10,
After 2/17/07 will charge $10 registration fee,
After 2/24/07 will charge late fee $5/week. 
New families need to pay $10 On-duty fee. 
Chinese Language Class: $140.
Culture class: $60.
SAT Math, SAT Reading/Writing: $90
Math Count: $90
English Writing: $90
Vocal Music Class for children: $60 person/semester.
Vocal Music Class for parents: $60 person/semester
Gym Activity (Volleyball and Basketball) Fee: $30/semester or $4/evening
Cafeteria (ping-pong) Fee: $20/semester and $3/evening. 
Fees are based on 2 hours/evening and 13 evenings/semester.

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