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Plymouth Canton Chinese Learning Center Newsletter (01/10/07)


Table of Contents

  1. We will have school on Friday this week (01/12/07)
  2. Principal On-Duty
  3. Complains from Janitors at School
  4. Volunteers for 2007 Chinese New Year Party
  5. School Day Next Week
  6. Heads Up for Next Semester Registration
  7. Personal Ad.
  8. School Contact Information





1.      We will have school at 6:30pm this Friday (01/12/07) at West Middle School

The address of West Middle School is

44401 West Ann Arbor Trail

Plymouth, MI 48170


Class and Classroom locations:


2.      Principal On-duty This Week

Ren Feng


3.      Complains from Janitors at School

Dear School Parents,

We have received a series of complains from janitors at West Middle School. Some incidents are:

1 Someone dumped the dust from a pencil sharpener on a computer keyboard in a classroom, so the keyboard doesn't work properly now.

2 Someone tried to login to a computer in a classroom with various passwords.

3 Some teaching stuff, such as books and notes, were misplaced in classrooms.

4 Someone used a wall-mounted pencil sharpener sharpened crayons, so it got stuck.


Therefore, we would like to ask you to TALK to your kids to NOT touch computers, books, and other teaching material which are for West Middle School students in classrooms. We would like also to ask you to talk to your kids to use the pencil sharpener for pencils only. We need to demonstrate that we are a group of well-behaved and responsible students and parents. Thanks for your cooperation!


4.      Volunteers for 2007 Chinese New Year Party

Calling energized and enthusiastic high school students for volunteering to organize games in school Chinese Party. Please leave your name, email address, and phone number in on-duty desk.


5.      School Day Next Week

Friday, 01/19/2007


6.      Heads Up for Next Semester Registration

Jan. 25 (Thursday) will be the last school day for this semester. The new semester will start on Feb. 9 (Friday). New semester registration will start soon.


7.      Personal Ad

- Nanny Wanted

A nice family in Canton are looking for a full time babysitter to help take care of our 1 year old boy and some house keeping. If you are interested please contact Ms. Chen at 734-9685486.


- 2005 Toyota Camry for Sale

2005 Toyota Camry LE, 4 DR Grey 4 CYL Automatic Sedan, Mileage: 25,500, Driver- Side Airbag, Exc. condition, super clean, well maintained, price right. Because move back to China. We ask for $14,500 or best offer.


Please contact Donna @ 248-767-6110.


8.      School Contact Information

PCCLC School On-Site Phone Number: 734-664-2206 (5:00pm - 10:00pm every school day.)

School website address:

Official school email sender address:

Official email recipient address:  (Please send your comments, suggestions and concerns to this address so that it can reach all the admin team members.)


PCCLC Admin Team


PCCLC Administration
School On-Site Phone Number: 734-664-2206
(5:00pm - 10:00pm every school day.)
School website address:
School email address:

Please submit your comments and suggestion to