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Contact Us


School Onsite Contact Phone Number: 734-664-2206
This number will only be available during school hours.
Mailing Address: PO Box 871503, Canton, MI 48187

School Administration Team

Yi, Jianwen / 易建文  (Principal)

Bai, Jiamin / 柏家敏

Bao, Min / 鲍明

Huang, Heping / 黄和平

Ren, Feng/任锋 ()

Shao, Hua / 邵华

Tang, Junjun / 君君

Zhao, Qun / 赵群

All school admin team member can be reached at

Members of Board of Trustees

Li, Kaiyu / 李开宇(Chairman)

Fu, Min / 付敏

Liu, Fang / 刘方

Shen, Yinong / 沈一农

Zeng, Xiandi /

Zhang, Yongzhong / 张永忠

Yi, Jianwen / 易建文

Parent Representatives

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