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Communicate to Parents


Communicate to Parents

The school operating team had a meeting on Sep. 6 at Canton Library to discuss the school class layout for next semester. The team unanimously agreed on the following items:


1)      The minimal number of students in a Cultural Art class is set to be eight.  With eight students in a class, the tuition will cover about 85% of teacher's pay.


2)      The team decided that if the registered student number is less than 5, the school will not offer the class. If the number is between 5-7, school will try out for a week in case some more students join the class to reach the minimal 8 student requirement. If the class size is still under 8, the class will be closed starting from the second week. The team made decision for some class to be closed and some will be offered on try-out basis, based on the on-line registration information as of the night of Sep. 6th.


3)      Based on the number of students and the ages of the students for both English Writing and SAT Read/Write, these two classes are combined into English Writing.


4)      One class was originally offered for the MLP 1 class. However, the registered student number reached 34. The team decided to offer additional and equal pace MLP class. The 34 students were assigned based on lottery carried out by the team last night in the meeting with all 8 team members present.


5)      A similar lottery was carried out to move 7 students from MLP 3A to MLP 3B class to make two class balanced with 12/13 students. 


PCCLC Admin Team

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