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School Rules


Student Rules

  1. Be in the classroom before each class begins, complete homework on time, and bring textbook, homework, pencils, as well as notebook to class every school day.
  2. Respect teachers and follow teachers' instructions.  No talking during classes.
  3. Take bathroom breaks before or between classes. If you have to use the bathroom during the class for medical reasons, please inform your teacher before class.
  4. Keep classrooms clean and throw trash (scrap paper etc.) into a trashcan.
  5. Do not touch or move any classroom articles, materials or computers.
  6. Do not write on school property including desks, chairs, walls, as well as the floor. For art classes, writing boards or paper covers may be used in case of an accidental spill.
  7. No eating and drinking in the classrooms or the gym.
  8. No hard heel shoes while playing in the gym.
  9. No running, yelling, taunting and fighting in the classrooms or the hallway.
  10. Don't go to 2nd Floor, and do not touch fire alarm devices or make false fire/police reports.

Parents Rules

  1. Parents are not allowed to sit in the classrooms during class time except those auditing the class.
  2. Sit at designated seats when class is in session. Avoid sitting with your child.
  3. Do not talk to the students, read newspaper or books when class is in session.
  4. Do not make loud noises in the hallway when class is in session.
  5. Do not go to 2nd floor.
Note 1:  Violation of Student Rules may result in yellow or red tickets being issued by the responsible teacher or may result in financial penalties. The financial penalty will be used to cover the cost incurred due to the violation.  A yellow ticket indicates a minor infraction and a red ticket indicates a severe infraction. All the incidents will be reported to Principals on duty and be recorded on file. When a student has accumulated two yellow tickets or one red ticket, his or her parent/legal guardian will be informed and the parent/legal guardian needs to sign a written apology prepared by the student. If a student has accumulated three yellow tickets or two red tickets, his or her parent/legal guardian must attend a special meeting with the PCCLC management team to discuss pending disciplinary actions including single or multiple suspensions up to expulsion from the Center.
Note 2: Violation of Parent Rules will be reported to Principals on duty.  In case of two violations, the parent will be required to be present at a special PCCLC management meeting.
We, the undersigned, acknowledge that we have carefully reviewed the Rules of Plymouth-Canton Chinese Learning Center, and we have agreed to comply with them. The undersigned adult has also agreed to pay for all the cost incurred due to the violation.
(Please print your name in both English and Chinese)
Student                    Grade    Signature        Date
(E)_____________(C)___________  ____  ________________  __________
Mother, Father or Legal Guardian (circle one)              Signature       Date
(E)_____________ (C) _______________  ________________  __________

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