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The Plymouth-Canton Chinese Learning Center (hereinafter referred to as "Center"), also doing business as Canton Chinese School, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to teaching Chinese language and promoting understanding of Chinese culture.  Its missions are to teach Chinese language, to promote Chinese culture, and to enhance cultural enrichment in local communities.  It also provides a network of support among individuals sharing common interests in Chinese ethnic and cultural heritage. The center will be operated for the exclusive purpose of education and charity within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as now enacted or hereafter amended.


The Center is served by a Parents Council (Council), a Board of Trustees (Board), and a Center Administrative Committee (Administration).  The Board is ultimately responsible for setting directions and policies of the Center.  The Administration is responsible for the execution of the policies and the routine operation of the Center.  Both the Board and the Administration are elected by the Council, which also has the sole power amending the By-laws.


 Section 1.01              All parents or legal guardians of students are members of the Center.

Section 1.02              Members shall attend the Council meetings and serve in the Administration and/or the Board on a voluntary basis.

 Section 1.03              Each member is responsible to provide up to five (5) hours of free service per student family per semester to the center, or pay a service exemption fee determined by the Administration.

 Section 1.04              Each student shall pay a semi-annual program fee to cover the cost of center operation.  The amount of such fee shall be determined by the Board at beginning of each semester, and disclosed to all members before registration.

 Section 1.05              Members shall waive liabilities of the Board, the Administration, and all other center personnel for personal injuries, illnesses, accidents, and other damages that occur during center hours or other center activities.


Section 2.01              All parents of students registered at the Center (the registered students shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Student Body").  The Council holds the ultimate authority of this organization.

Section 2.02              The Council shall normally meet twice each year, once during the fall and once during the spring session.

Section 2.03              The Council meetings shall be convened by the Administration, except for the special Council meeting and the spring Council meeting.  The spring Council meeting shall be convened by the Board.  All members shall be notified in advance of the Council meetings.

Section 2.04              Special Council meetings may be convened upon the request by a majority of the members of any two classes of the Center.  The issue to be addressed at such meeting should be presented, in writing and signed by the parents who initiate the motion, to the Administration.

Section 2.05              The quorum for the Council meeting shall consist of such members of the Council that represents a majority of the families of student body.

Section 2.06              In the Council meetings each member present shall be entitled to one vote.

 Section 2.07              The Council shall, by a majority vote:

                                1). Approve the amendment to the Center By-Laws  

                                 2).Elect the new Administration and Board members

                                3). Approve the annual or semi-annual budget

                               4). Approve the Administrations annual or semi-annual work plan.

 Section 2.08              The Council may recall a member or members of the Administration and/or the Board whose conduct is found to be contrary to the achievement of the Center's missions.

  ARTICLE III.                        THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES

 Section 3.01              The Board shall consist of five to nine Trustees: principal of the last Administration, principal of present administration, one (1) faculty representative, and up to six additional members elected by the Council.

 Section 3.02              To ensure continuity, the Council shall replace no more than two thirds of Trustees at the spring meeting.

 Section 3.03              Parents of current students and of alumni, faculty members, and members of the senior class, and other qualified persons nominated by at least three members of the Council are eligible to serve as Trustees.

 Section 3.04              Each Trustee shall serve a two-year term, except the faculty representative who shall serve a one-year term.

 Section 3.05              The Board shall establish the following six committees: finance, recruiting, curriculum, fund raising, public relations, and nomination.  Each committee is responsible for setting policies and procedures under which the Center shall operate.

 Section 3.06              Trustee vacancies not due to term expiration shall be filled from candidates nominated by the Nomination Committee in a special Board meeting.  The meeting shall be held promptly to ensure the continuity of the Board.

 Section 3.07              The Trustees shall keep themselves informed of the concerns of groups they represent, and shall work with the Administration to alleviate such concerns.

 Section 3.08              The Board shall meet at least four times each year, once before and once after each semi-annual meeting of the Council.

 Section 3.09              The Board's meeting shall be open to all members of the Council, the faculty members, and the student body.

 Section 3.10              The quorum for the Board's meeting shall consist of a two third of the Trustees.

 Section 3.11              The Board shall elect to have one Trustee to chair its meetings.

 Section 3.12              Trustees who have been absent from two successive Board meetings without prior notice shall be considered to have resigned.


 Section 4.01              The Administration is responsible for the Center operation in compliant with the policies and procedures set by the Board for the elected term.

 Section 4.02              The Administration is authorized to make final decisions regarding student education, Center activities, and facility utilization.

 Section 4.03              The Administration team shall consist of five to eight members.

 Section 4.04              The members of the Administration shall be elected at the spring Council meeting and serve a term of one year.  The Principal shall be appointed by the Board from the elected Administration members.

 Section 4.05              Each member of the Administration shall serve no longer than two consecutive terms.

 Section 4.06              All members of the Administration should be appropriately notified for each administrative meeting.

 Section 4.07              The quorum for administrative meeting shall consist of no fewer than half of the members.

 Section 4.08              At Administrative meeting each member present shall be entitled to one equal vote.

 Section 4.09              The Principal is responsible for coordinating the administrative activities.  The Principal or any two members of the Administration can call a Council meeting.

 Section 4.10              Vacancies in the Administration when a Committee member resigns or other wise cannot finish the term shall be filled by a Council member pointed by the Board.

 Section 4.11              Vacancy of the Principal shall be filled within the Administration with approval from the Board.

 Section 4.12              During the first half of each School term, the Administration shall propose a term budget to the Council for approval.  Once approved, the Administration is authorized to use the funds following the financial policy set by the Board.

 Section 4.13              The Administration shall report the Center financial status to the Council at end of each school term and/or when major events impacting Center budget occur.


 Section 5.01              Teachers are special members of the organization who carry the teaching duties of the Center.

 Section 5.02              The Administration shall determine the appointment of a teacher.

 Section 5.03              Teachers are the only compensated members of this organization.  The amount of compensation for each teacher's services shall be determined by the Administration, and approved by the Board.

 Section 5.04              Teachers do not have voting rights in Council meetings unless he/she is qualified as described in Section 2.01 of Article II.


 Section 6.01              The primary communication tool for the Center is through electronic mails.  The Board may authorize email voting regarding center operations. The policies of the Center mailing lists shall be established by the Council meeting.

 Section 6.02              The By-Laws shall be approved by the Council and signed by the presiding members at the meeting before it can take effect.  A copy of this document shall be made available to every member of this organization. 


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